Organizational Clients Say…

Past clients include executives of high tech Fortune 100 companies, multi-national pharmaceutical companies, nationally-respected health-care providers, Fortune 50 industrial corporations, not-for-profit organizations in the arts and government, and technology start ups.

“I have particularly appreciated your ability to work at all levels of the organization: from department and organizational structure to underlying cultural beliefs and behavior patterns to individual psychology. Your sensitivity to the personal issues and impact of organizational change is exemplary. Your ability to support and coach individuals, all the while keeping your eye on the overall change process, is admirable. I also appreciated your flexibility in redesigning group process in real time and willingness to be assertive when the situation called for it. You have also gratefully not subjected us to a barrage of jargon and psychobabble. Thanks.”

David Sobel, M.D., Director, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group

“I’ve worked with many other consultants. When they leave at the end of the day, it seems as though what I think and need doesn’t exist for them. With you, I always felt that you cared – that it mattered to you personally. That creates a very different level of quality in your work.”

Warren Brainard, Senior VP, Allergan Asia

“You were delightful to work with and did a superb job under tough circumstances. Your insightful contributions to the conference’s design, and (especially) your clear, focused facilitation, made it possible for fundamental “truthfulness” to take place among the participants.”

E. Thomas Behr, Ph.D., Former Regional Director, American Management Association; author, The Tao of Sales

“I really appreciate the work that you did with me to help me see how I react to people in difficult business situations. I felt so different by the end of the session! I feel sure that as I learn more, I will have new choices for the tense moments when I need to work with people who disagree with me.”

Ann McCormick, Founder, The Learning Company

“You did a very fine job for us, and I’m grateful. Your seminar was well-organized, interesting, fast-moving, and required each of us to become involved and participate. It has now been a year and we are still seeing the beneficial impact …. I’ve worked with a number of consultants over the years and found you to be one of the best.”

Virginia Rogers, Founder,
Relax the Back Stores and Ginny’s Copying Service

“It was most worthwhile to meet with business people who have made the connection between awareness of the body and managing change in themselves and others. Kathryn’s facilitation is well-paced and rich with ideas, with a focus on individual needs. She makes learning fun as well as challenging.”

R. Millwood, Senior Training Consultant, Australian Guarantee Corporation Ltd., Sydney, Australia