Executive Coaching

Executive Development
and Coaching

“The most powerful learning comes from bodily experience.”
—Nonaka and Takeuchi,
The Knowledge-Creating Company (1995)

COHERENT CHANGE provides a personalized approach to leadership development that comes out of our decades of experience with awareness practices and organizations. We support leaders in creating practical development plans linked to both personal and organizational needs.  Career desires, business needs, and life-work balance all enter in.  We are particularly interested in helping you to have a more mindful organization, based in supporting you in either creating or stabilizing your own regular awareness practice.

Executive coaching is a key foundation for improved leadership by helping you to appreciate your true strengths and see how to create a more nourishing environment for everyone at work.  You can then draw on your fundamental strengths more fully to create better results. People often think they need to learn more about their weaknesses. In fact it is often more important to be aware of one’s strengths and use them well.

Although personal interaction and leadership ability are called the soft stuff, making changes in these areas demands toughness, rigor, and commitment.  We ask the difficult questions and listen with openness to our clients.


  • We have used 360 degree feedback for in-depth personal coaching with over two hundred senior executives since 1988, leading to genuine executive teamwork, promotions to more significant management positions, and improved leadership.
  • We fostered pan-European thinking and action in the senior management group of a $250 million European division of a pharmaceuticals company.  This facilitated a redesign of the organization that produced  better business performance as measured by key business indicators.