Somatics Clients Say…

“After my session, over the weekend my body felt like I had a new engine with more horsepower – and the suspension was improved too!”

Mitch S., Computer interface designer
“I feel that parts of my body that have not been used for years are being resurrected. Almost with humor, I feel as if every time you start to do something, I’ll find myself making a movement that I never thought of, and that happens repeatedly.

It would be very good if more doctors had an understanding of what Feldenkrais practitioners do. When you touch, it’s very light. Doctors did similar things with force and as a routine – you do it very differently. I think it enables me to prevent and reverse the deterioration of age (senescence).

I think what you do is terrific! Each time I’m surprised anew.”

George G., MD, 100 years old
I’d like to share with you the changes I have observed in my daughter recently after the lessons with you:

  • increased stamina on her tricycle with decreased myoclonics while pedaling;
  • desire to run;
  • more attempts at jumping;
  • lots and lots of singing and humming;
  • seems less “jelly-like” when I hold her/holds herself up a little better;
  • variations in vocal tone and pitch;
  • emerging confidence.

After our last lesson, we had a long day outdoors. We went to the playground and she rode the big girl swing and pumped her legs. I was so impressed by her energy level and coordination while running in the sand. She slid down a slide and caught herself at the bottom on two feet instead of just spilling onto the ground. She interacted with an older boy and was telling him how to ride the train, usually she does not initiate play. She suggested that she try and climb this structure she usually stays away from. She had a great day and it was obvious she was feeling her body.”

Cynthia S., mother of 3-year old with neuromotor challenges
“I felt totally different when I stood up – as if I were both stronger and yet more relaxed. And I found myself wanting to write down much of what you were saying about the work, because it applied so well to learning to ski, as well as helping my injured back to heal.”

Malcolm R., Ski Instructor
“The four lessons that you gave over two days to my 14-month old client led to major changes in his ability to focus his eyes and move. Before you saw him, he didn’t focus his eyes, kept his head turned toward the left, and didn’t seem to initiate any actions. By the second day, he was bringing his right hand to his mouth, focused directly on my face in the center – and with both legs bent and the feet standing, even raised his bottom using his legs! He looked quite different: he was interested in people and moving on his own. The parents were delighted to see how quickly their son could change!”

Barbara VV, Occupational therapist
“I had a Functional Integration session with Kathryn to prepare for a summer of roofing. I found after the lesson that I could do heavy work and still move well. I had no pain all summer.”

David H., Roofer
“My lessons with Kathryn made a big difference in my Tai Kwan Do kicks. Before, my right leg was much more powerful. I was really happy because afterwards both legs had the same power!”

Nick E., Black Belt, 8 years old
And after a series of intensive lessons, a woman in her fifties with cerebral palsy who has spent her life in a wheel chair commented, “I don’t feel so uptight. I feel like I can work faster. People don’t have to ask me what I’ve said as often – they can understand my speech better. I’m more relaxed. People count on me to do my job, and it is a huge responsibility. I don’t feel like I could have handled it two months ago, but now I do. Between the new job and the changes I feel, people seem to be looking at me differently: I feel like they’re seeing me as equal to themselves.”